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    Imagine yourself at the top of perfection - a castle in Czechoslovakia, with exquisitely cut and decorated crystal chandeliers, mirrors - Imagine art deco of 1930's, beautiful and creative design - color art glass - you are here @ Topix Crystal - welcome!
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    We create new unique theme only for you and your shops. Great, stylish, modern and minimalistic.

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Topix Crystal Art

Topix is a distributer of fine Bohemian crystal imported from the Czech Republic. Each piece is mouth blown, hand crafted, cut and painted by the most skilled crystal makers, following traditions dating back to the eleventh century. The pieces reflect both classical glass-making techniques and the latest sophisticated manufacturing process. Topix has a wide selection of exquisite pieces, ranging from traditional tableware to chandeliers and other one-of-a-kind works of art and own creation.

Topix Crystal Art