Blue Onion Coffee Pot
Blue Onion Coffee Pot
Blue Onion Coffee Pot
Blue Onion Coffee Pot

Blue Onion Coffee Pot

Blue Onion Coffee Pot

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    Blue Onion Coffee Pot
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Top quality Czech porcelain large coffee pot that is decorated in famous blue onion pattern. It is hand-made by the famous Czech porcelain manufacturer Loucky, now known as Rudolf Kampf. Czech porcelain is justifiable considered on e of the best worldwide because of its high-quality. Combines manual and industrial production. This makes the dishes highly durable and suitable for use in the dishwasher and microwave oven. Product shown in different lighting.


    Diameter: 6 inches

    Height: 9.5 inches

    Volume: 1200 mL

    Weight: 1 pound 14 oz

Deeper Meaning

Blue onion porcelain has been fascinating the whole world for almost 250 years and the individual motifs in the decor have their hidden symbolism. Astra flowers symbolize time and tradition, the peony brings wealth, respect and prosperity, the bamboo stem ensures solidarity, peaches longevity and pomegranates fertility. Blue onion porcelain will give your table a traditional and at the same time modern style.


The Leander factory was founded in 1907. Currently, Rudolf Kampf is the only factory in the Czech Republic where porcelain items are tailor-made and produced by hand.

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